Shadowlands Pre Patch: Devs Publish Covenant Guide


Pre-Patch Shadowlands – As many of you know today is a very important day for the people of Azeroth and World of Warcraft.

Today is in fact the day set by Blizzard for the launch of the pre-patch of the new expansion, content that will introduce a very long list of changes on Azeroth and that will prepare players to face all the changes and news that will then be presented on the live servers with the launch of Shadowlands.

Among the most important contents of the new exp, there will certainly also be the 4 Congregants, explained in detail (including also their skills and their main characteristics) by the developers through as many reviews that you will find just below.

Those who will no longer be available with the new expansion will instead be the Caravan Brutosaur, which after years of honorable service will stop being one of the mounts available on the game, remaining only in the collections of those who already own it now.