T1 puts the famous DaZed under contract


Dazed – We now know almost the entire roster that will defend the colors of the T1 team in the competitive scene of Valorant.

The T1 team is based in North America and is basically a joint venture born from an agreement between  Comcast Spectacor and SK Telecom, one of the most important esports organizations in the world and already a protagonist in many other competitive scenes such as FortnitePubgApex Legends and of course League of Legends, where the Sk T1 Telecom have also won several world titles.

T1 was therefore born as a project currently limited to the competitive scene of Valorant, and currently sees its roster completed for 4/5: under contract for this org we find in fact the Canadian Keven AZK Larivière (who also appears as captain), and by the trio American team composed of Braxton Brax Pierce, Tyler Skadoodle Latham and the brand new acquisition of the Sam Dazed Marine team, announced only a few hours ago directly on the official Twitter.

For those unfamiliar with him, Dazed is a player who has already played in a team with AZK and Brax (although the last one mentioned at the time was called Swag ) in the competitive scene of Cs: Go. We are talking about iBUYPOWER, a North American organization that also managed to obtain several victories in the scene, but which was dismembered in January 2015 just when some of its players were banned for match-fixing (for fixing matches – see below): among these, there were also Azk, Brax and Dazed.

As always, the team will be led by the American coach Daniel from Montaner, who at this point only needs a name to complete the official roster.

What is meant by Match-Fixing?

An intentional agreement, act, or omission aimed at improperly altering the result or the performance of a sports competition, in order to remove, in whole or in part, the unpredictability component of the aforementioned sports competition, with the aim of obtaining an undue advantage for oneself or others.