Cora explains the Saltabot and Whirling Storm removals and nerf to Raggy


Skip Patch – The nerf in Ragnaros should have been even more massive, and would have raised the number of minions to kill from 20 to 30.

This was revealed by the famous Cora (otherwise known as Songbird ), Associate Game Designer for the Hearthstone team who recently released a whole series of very interesting opinions, entirely dedicated to the cards that will be modified with yesterday’s patch.

Cora then explained that for Raggy at one point it was going even worse than the nerf announced yesterday, and she also took a look at a probable new intervention that we will see soon. To a user’s explicit question about the Murlocs strategy and their nerf (requested by many regular Battlegoers), Cora replied “ Murloc’s win rates have dropped a little since we removed the Honest Megasaur, and they are more difficult to play. However, our philosophy may change in the future “.

Cora then wanted to have her say on each of the interventions established by the devs … let’s see them in detail:

  • BartendotronAt the moment it was absolutely not the way we wanted it, so we decided to remove it. It will be back in the future, certainly updated. 
  • Ragnaros NerfInitially the nerf stipulated that Raggy would have to kill 30 enemies before activating Sulfuras. In the end, we thought it was better to have a lower number, thus reaching the current 25, decreasing the statistics guaranteed by Sulfuras by 1. That way he should still be good to play, while not as strong as before (Sulfuras should be available about a turn later than before).
  • Maiev NerfShe is strong, but not too far from where we would like her to be. So we decided to only remove the life bonus so as not to affect too much on the style and characteristics of his game. 
  • Chenvaala BuffChenvaala was too weak but still characterized by fun gameplay and that encourages the use of the Elementals … it had to be strengthened. 
  • Pezzacarne BuffWhile not as strong as it was when it was first released, it should return to a reasonable level of competitiveness with this buff. 
  • Sindragosa Buffa fantastic character, who needed a little bit of power … hence the decision to increase his attack bonus statistic by one. 
  • King Mukla BuffWith the King Mukla buff we will have a 20% chance to draw a Giant Banana that provides + 2 / + 2 to a minion.
  • Whirling Storm RemovedMega Wind Fury may seem like a non-interactive mechanic, and we felt this wasn’t a particularly fun minion to have in the Battlegrounds pool.
  • Skip Bot RemovedThis was a very difficult decision. It sure hurts characters like Brann and Ciciazampa, but Jandice and the Saltabots can no longer exist in the game the same way. In the end, we decided to preserve Jandice because he is a very unique and interesting hero if the Pogo is not present.