Ghostcrawler will return to WoW after 6 years


Ghostcrawler – The Shadowlands expansion has certainly intrigued and (perhaps) conquered many former World of Warcraft players (also several within our editorial team), who has on several occasions announced their upcoming return to the famous Blizzard game.

We recently discovered that among these there is also the famous Ghostcrawler, a former member of Blizzard and historical “face” of the development team with which the WoW community has been related for several years, both on the forums and on the various Reddit and other channels Social.

The love story between the Blizz community and Ghostcrawler lasted for years, until Greg Street decided to give up his role as Lead Systems Designer for World of Warcraft to join Riot, a direct competitor of Blizzard and publisher of League of Legends (today also of Lor and Valorant, two other titles in direct competition with those made by Blizzard ).

After about 6 years away not only from Blizzard but also from the lands of Azeroth (it was the Ghostcrawler himself who admitted that when he moved into Riot it was like detaching himself from an “ex” and that he needed a period of time of total detachment from Blizzard, also from his games), Ghostcrawler has however announced his happy return, obviously and only as a player since he seems to be very well in Riot.

Also on Twitter, he also explained that he will start with an Alliance Paladin while preferring the Horde to the Ally … the reason is soon said: his company of friends repudiates the horde and does not want to know to play for this faction, so, Ghost had to go for his “second choice”.

Regardless of how you look at it, such a situation can only be positive for Blizzard considering that one of the most well-known devs on the scene (of a “competitor” company) said he was intrigued by the contents of Shadowlands … an expansion that in fact has already garnered a lot of attention, and has recently starred on Azeroth with the introduction of its official ” pre-patch ” (more details here).

However, the introduction of the pre-patch was also a cause of controversy on Twitter, given that Benjamin ” Lugia “, Blizzard community manager for France, responded to Blizzard’s message regarding the launch of the new content with the announcement of a strike affecting the entire French office of Blizz.

As many of you will know, in fact, last October 6th the upcoming closure of the Blizzard offices in Versailles was announced, a situation that unfortunately is still not completely clear, as is the fate that concerns the 400 workers of these. offices.