Hearthstone: Update of Standard Lists of the Day


Hearthstone update- a new day and a new update on competitive lists for the Standard of Hearthstone. Today’s update contains some interesting lists, some particular and not very popular list now accompanies some lists that continue to be very popular. Let’s go and see them together.

Let’s start with some Warrior lists, which appear in meta on several occasions: first of all a good Tempo Warrior deck, accompanied by a list of Egg Warrior ProtomanProtoman, himself, played this list in conjunction with his Face Hunter, the first recommended in Legend, the second to reach him.

Among the new lists, we review the rise of a Galakrond Rogue, brought to Legend by Char, and a new Quest Druid, used by the well-known Thijs. Accompanied by these decks we see a more solid and popular Tempo Cyclone Mage.