MCES unveils the official teams for FIFA21, Fortnite and Valorant


The Rome-based club continues its growth and strengthening project: four months after arriving in Italy, here are the players who will be protagonists in the major titles on the European scene

Rome, 14 October 2020 – About four months have passed since the official landing of MCES in Italy. Four intense months, full of projects and initiatives. The time has therefore come for the French professional club that has opened a branch in Rome to announce all the teams and players that will compete in the major Esports titles in Europe. Teams and players that have been selected by the management of MCES Italia with the coordination of Alessio Marvona, head of Esports of the company and responsible for recruiting managers and players. A job that has led to the hiring of dozens of pro-players, future protagonists of the Italian scene, and beyond. From FIFA21 to Fortnite, passing through Valorant, Pubg Mobile, and League of Legends, a very rich selection of teams ready to establish themselves as protagonists since the first tournaments.

Here is the full list of all rosters:

– FIFA21: Emanuele Pirro “PIRRO21” (class ’01 – Rome) – Playstation
Simone Lucidi “NARCORULEZZ” (class ’98 – Rome) – Playstation
Giovanni Antonio Polichetti “POLIK” (class ’96 – Salerno) – Xbox
Antonio Chiarello “TonyBomber90 ”(
Born in ’90 – Messina) – Xbox Roberto Bruni“ Mrh7de ”- Team Manager

– VALORANT: Gianluca Tutino “CON7AC7” (class ’94 – Castellana Grotte) – Manager
Patrik Sarin “kolenaw” (class ’99 – Forssa, Finland) – Coach
Alejandro Judge “xazy” (class ’02 – Como) – Captain
Emanuele Ravazzani “Griginho1” (class ’99 – Turin)
Gianluca Cormio “jonyzera” (class ’98 – Bari)
Alessandro Montanari “NAIS” (class ’00 – Saronno)
Alessandro Ferri “Limp” (class ’02 – Rome)

– PUBG MOBILE: Zeeshan Tanweer “Zeeshan” (class ’99 – Pakistan)
Samuele Nisi “ASLAN” (class ’97 – Pesaro)
Mohamed Elfathi “LoganiNNi” (class ’00 – Italy)
Luca Andreozzi “PSYCHO” (class ’00 – Saronno)
Nasser Hajji “NASSER” (class ’01 – Italy)
Simone Salis “Yellow” – Team manager

– FORTNITE: Carlo ” Sapphire ” Barraco (class ’00 – Milan) – Manager
Berd ” Mida ” Imad (class ’03 – Clermont-Ferrand, France)
Marco ” Skreze ” Dell’Orto (class ’01 – Monza)
Lorenzo ” LoCree ” Rossi (class ’05 – Novara)
Akram ” Akram ” El Ghandour (class ’04 – Vicenza)

– LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: Team MCES Italia will not be allowed to participate in the PG NATIONALS as the regulation prohibits a club from participating simultaneously in two national leagues (in this case France and Italy). Therefore, MCES Italia will act as a consultant for the company Romulea Esport, helping it in the selection of the coach and the players with the team manager Dario Giuseppe Maria Rizzo “dragoist”.

A list of teams and coaches that once again certifies MCES ‘desire to play a leading role in Italy, as also underlined by the general manager Tommaso Maria Ricci: ” These teams are the result of a great deal of work on our part, with months of research and recruitment. We wanted with us the best talents of the Italian Esports movement and beyond, to guarantee immediately excellent results in the most important tournaments of the most important titles. Our mission is to establish ourselves as a leader in the panorama of competitive video games, and the creation of these teams represents a fundamental first step.

But it does not end there, because we will soon have new initiatives and new announcements planned ”.