Overwatch Halloween Chills 2020 has begun


The skies darken, the storms get threatening and the pumpkins light up. Overwatch Halloween Chills 2020 has begun!

The event will run from October 13 to November 3, and the latest PTR and Soldier 76 buffs from the previous experimental mode have been introduced in the same patch.

Grab some sweets and take a seat, Junkenstein’s terror has begun!

Weekly Challenge 1

As predicted a few days ago, this Halloween started with some small changes in the gameplay, challenging gamers every week with 2 new variants of the Junkenstein mode. From 13 October:

  • Vengeful Phantom: a spirit pursues travelers by damaging them, it will be necessary to adapt their movements to constantly escape them
  • Frantic Charge: Zombnics move faster;

We also have the introduction of two new wayfarers: the outcast (Baptiste) and the outlaw (Ashe).

By winning 9 games this week it is possible to obtain the Epic Sombra Fantasma model, representative of a Glitch (the error of an electronic system). The model will only be available until October 20.

Japanese creatures

The gallery expands into vocal lines, 3 victorious poses, 2 highlights, 1 emote, and 8 new models. Attention is drawn to the complementary models of Hanzo and Genji, representing a Dai-Tengu and a Karasu-Tengu respectively. The Tengu are creatures from Japanese folklore often associated with demons or ghosts which take different forms.

  • The Karasu-Tengu (Genji) are portrayed as birds of red, green, or black, and their speed is comparable to that of hummingbirds. Those who protect the mountains usually wear a Tokin on their head, a black box that can be used as glass if necessary;
  • The Dai-Tengu (Hanzo) are more similar to humans but with the skin and a red face, and the nose particularly long. They are related to the Karasu, but on the head, Hanzo wears an eboshi, the height of which in the past determined the rank of the noblest samurai;

The tengu lives mainly in the forests and their characters are sometimes evil or playful. But they are not immortal, and take on the form of a bird (usually a crow ) when mortally wounded, like Genji after being nearly killed by his brother.

Now that you know their stories, will you appreciate looking for these models? But don’t worry: the hunt has just begun, and in the coming weeks here on Powned we’ll be sharing other little aesthetic-cultural curiosities about the Overwatch Halloween event!