The back of the Hallow’s End cards is available again


Hallow’s End – Originally released during the 2014 Halloween holidays, one of the most famous and popular card backs in the history of the inn is returning to the Hearthstone store.

We are in fact talking about the back of the cards called Hallow’s End, or the first card back that the developers wanted to dedicate to the Halloween event and the celebrations connected to it.
This historical card back will then be available again to all players who wish it, for a return to the shop that will only be valid for a few days.

The initiative that will allow us to get our hands on this 2014 content will not be unlimited and should run out no later than the next few weeks (at the latest by October 20 ). As for the purchase, in order to make this card back ours, we will have to spend 500 gold in the official shop, or (if you prefer to pay with real money) just under 3 Euros with real currency.

What do you think of this community promotion?
Will you make this historic car back yours? We remind you that yesterday evening, we saw the latest important news regarding a new balance for the Battle mode and for many of its heroes.