The Shadowlands Pre-Patch is online: here are the news!


After a few weeks of waiting, we are finally happy to be able to announce that the Shadowlands pre-patch has officially arrived on live servers all over the world.

With this new big update, we officially enter the period dedicated to the new expansion, with various new features that will modify (and improve) part of our gaming experience.

Among these, there is certainly the great news of the new level of character customization, available for a few hours in Barber Shops all over Azeroth, as well as several others such as:

  • A maximum character level of 50, which will prepare players for the maximum level of 60 coming with  Shadowlands
  • The Island of Exile, a complete redesign of the experience for new WoW players, with an epic story that introduces the basic elements of the game.
  • Hundreds of new character customization options for all available races.
  • Changes to items and their stats to balance the new max level.
  • And so on!

Let’s now return to the question of customizations, reporting the official Blizzard press release in which we have seen some of the examples of construction among those available with the new Barber Shop system.