Essential Video Editing Apps For Youtube


None of us is unaware of the fact that how much we are dependent on digitization. Whether it is to find something about a product or shopping for something at the best deal, the internet is the one-stop destination nowadays. In this era of social media exposure, vlogs are gaining high popularity. Be it the Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter; video content is the best way to boast about the website. With the potential for better engagement, YouTube is the most popular platform to showcase one’s talent.

Undoubtedly, Youtube has become an appealing stage for video content creators. But, will you receive millions of views while merely uploading a raw video? The video that we see on Youtube is uploaded after many edits and adding varied visual elements. Ask a Youtube movie maker, and they will tell you how crucial the editing task is. Don’t be in a dilemma; instead, make use of editing applications or try this website to make it enriching.

Best editing apps for Youtube videos you should not ignore

Do you want to present a well-crafted and an excellent video? Didn’t find any suitable software or applications to transform the raw video into a presentable one? Well, check out this write-up to know about the best editing applications for Youtube videos.

  • Wondershare Filmora9 video editor: It takes full-on practice and experience to become a skilled video editor and it will be quite late for you. In such instances, Wondershare Filmora9 video editor is the best way to provide a professional touch to your videos, especially if you are new to the editing world. You can find all the essential tools with enhanced colour grading, phenomenal effects, advanced audio, and video editing. Some of the editing features of the Filmora9 Youtube video editor include tilt-shift, mosaic, PIP, video stabilisation, and alike.
  • iMovie: It is the classic editing application that allows you to create mesmerising video clips with 4k resolution. From the basic to advanced editing features, iMovie provides a cinema-quality finish to the videos. Its authentic mobile version ensures easy editing from Android or iPhone. If you are unaware of the intros, filter selections, and transitions, iMovie is the perfect video editor option.
  • Vegas Pro: Vegas Pro is the paid version of the video editor. Are you looking for the advanced and professional editing software offering a multitude of options? Then, Vegas Pro is a suitable option for you. Unlike other apps, its interface is not much intuitive. Hence, spare some time, and you will know how to use different features and effects. Some of its advanced features include compositing, multicam editing, 3D editing, colour correction, automatic crossfades, chroma-keying, and other similar features.
  • InVideo: Irrespective of your video requirements, InVideo is the revolutionary editing software. It is highly intuitive for beginners and enough well-versed for pro editors. It will be ideal moving from the basic iMovie to a more powerful invitation maker, InVideo. It supports 4K HDR, 360 degrees video editing with remarkable aesthetics. Its magnetic timeline makes editing fast and easy. 
  • Lightworks 14: Lightworks 14 is not only an ideal editing software for Youtube videos but is also capable of editing social media videos or 4K film projects. It is perfect for Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. It offers a free version, making it the best choice for beginners.
  • CyberLink PowerDirector 16: It’s time to bid goodbye to trembling footage. Switch to the best 360-degree video editing offering robust stabilisation. It features video collage designers, fast rendering, object tilting and tracking, creative blending, excellent colour correction, grading, and intelligent color matching. It ensures easy switching between the shots of more cameras using a multi-cam designer. Hence, get high-quality video editing features without paying a hefty price.
  • Animoto: Only making and editing a video is not the only requirement of a Youtuber. Everyone wants to get their brand noticed, with millions of views and thousands of shares. From simple slideshow videos to promos, recipes, and tutorial videos, Animoto handles all kinds of video editing far better. If your editing requirements are least with a low budget, you can invest in Animoto. It has inbuilt storyboard templates, easy integration of social media, and quick customisation of styles, texts, colours, and style ratios.
  • Clipchamp Create: Clipchamp Create offers a wide variety of editing options. Generally, its free version allows editing multiple videos using numerous editing tools and sharing the video without watermark (These options are ideal for videos with 480p resolution). You can still find watermarks on stock clips. When you take a subscription package (premium or business), you get an upgraded version of Clichamp with more features like a webcam recorder, video converter, and compressor.
  • Introduced by Animatron, features drag and drop to make your video editing far better. It also has a resizing option wherein you can resize the video content as per the platform and video norms. It offers multiple packages. However, you can make and edit ten video clips with the free version and share it as a 2-minute video clip without compromising quality standards. With the subscribed packages, you can avail advantages of advanced features like stock footage.
  • Headliner: Subtitles in a video have become vital these days so that people from all parts of the world can enjoy them. If you want millions of views on your Youtube video, adding subtitles here will be highly beneficial. The headliner app is highly helpful in this. You can expect to generate subtitles or upload the article along with the video caption. Apart from this, you can also upload GIFs, images, or other videos, including it with the main video.

Be the part of a trending video marketing company. Engage appealing tools to make your Youtube videos visually-appealing. No matter how impactful your content is, it may lose its viewers if you do not present it enigmatically. Don’t feel scared about the video content. Instead, play with it, edit it using the best software, and see the magic you spell on the viewers with the videos.