Online Social Games: A 21st Century Phenomenon


Advancements in technology since the turn of the millennium have undoubtedly helped to transform many different elements of modern society.

That is certainly the case where entertainment activities are concerned, with tech often playing an integral part in how people spend their free time.

The internet is one of the key ways that this manifests itself, providing a platform for people to enjoy chatting with friends, surfing the web and much more.

Playing online social games has also become hugely popular, so read on as we take a look at this 21st century phenomenon.

Mobile Powers Gaming Boom

Mobile tech has improved out of all recognition over the past few years, allowing people to stay connected like never before.

Studies have shown that internet usage continues to rise at a rapid rate, with experts predicting that people will spend an average of four hours per day on their mobile by 2021.

Playing free online slots and other popular social games are amongst the main ways that people currently use their mobile devices each day.

With mobile gaming likely to account for nearly two-thirds of the industry in the near future, the attachment to such devices is sure to keep growing.

A Love Driven by Nostalgia

The popularity of social games has its roots set firmly in feelings of nostalgia, with the modern incarnations expertly tapping into the things that people enjoyed during their childhood.

For instance, social slots bring up thoughts of summer holidays in seaside towns, providing players with memories that they look back on with fondness.

The retro gaming scene is now a bona-fide genre, with titles such as Space Invaders and Pac-Man still proving to be hugely popular on social gaming sites.

With games like Candy Crush and Pirate Kings putting a modern spin on social gaming, its popularity is unlikely to fade any time soon.

People Crave Competition

Another critical element in the rise of social gaming has been the competitive element that the different genres incorporate.

For example, social games such as Scrabble and Checkers tap into our desire to compete with friends, family or even strangers.

It is a similar story elsewhere, with other types of games requiring players to battle for points, coins and virtual prizes to progress through the different levels.

The competitive nature of modern online games gives them an almost hypnotic quality that drives people to return to them again and again.

The Social Side of Social Gaming

An extension of the competitive angle of social games is the fact that they provide a platform for people to interact with each other.

A great example of this is online bingo, where many players view the social element as being as important as the game itself.

With that in mind, the best social gaming operators have created sites where chat functions are incorporated alongside each of their games.

These provide an ideal arena for players to socialise online with friends, family or fellow players in a relaxed environment.

Social Gaming & Networking Sites

In addition to standalone websites and apps, social gaming has also become a significant part of networking sites such as Facebook.

These not only provide people with the tools to stay connected with their social circle but also allow them to play games with each other.

Whatever particular game category takes your fancy, there are hundreds of different titles to choose from that can keep you engaged for hours on end.

These bring together all the elements previously mentioned to create the perfect platform to enjoy the entertaining world of social games.