Apex, Arena mode (maybe) coming soon


According to what has been seen on some delaminated game files, there shouldn’t be much missing by now for the long-awaited arrival of a new mode on Apex Legends.

To reveal this very important information was the data miner Shrugtal, already known to many members of the community for having correctly anticipated some of the novelties of the game’s past, so there are few doubts regarding the reliability of the source.

As for the actual leak, Shrugtal has found some files in the game code that describe a new “Arena” mode, accessible via the main Apex Legends menu. The same author then confirmed that: ” The code was added with patch 6.1 to support slots for a new Arena mode in the game menu “, also specifying that at the moment the string for “arenas_mode” is set to ” false ”, something that in the future (we do not know when) will be“ activated ”.

At the moment there is zero information on what this new model could be, even if the same data miner Shrugtal wanted to launch himself in the hypothesis talking about a probable variant of the Flashpoint limited-time mode that recently debuted in the Aftermarket update.

Doubts also about the release date, even if for several experts we could see the new model starting from the seventh season even if for some it is more realistic (and we agree, considering the timing of development) to think about the eighth season.