Call of Duty, news coming soon: new trailer (with new map) of Cold War and Halloween bundle


On-Call of Duty would be coming new ways, a new event, and most likely also the bundle full of exclusive content that will be themed Halloween.

To confirm all this information were in part the developers of Activision, in part the users of the community, and the data miner who was able to identify certain files within the game.

We obviously start from the official news and confirmed by Activision, starting with the new video trailer of Black Ops Cold War unveiled only a handful of hours ago on the official channel. From this video trailer, we can in fact see some of the first features of the new map that will be introduced with this highly anticipated title.

In addition to these new (and still unconfirmed) information on Black Ops, the first ones relating to two potential bundles arriving with a new event on Warzone have recently been unveiled.

Call of Duty Halloween

In fact, it seems that for the Halloween celebrations Activision will present at least two new bundles loaded with skins and objects called, not surprisingly, “ Saw ” and “ Texas Chainsaw Massacre Operator Packs “. Both should contain an operator’s skin, a new melee weapon, and also sprays and blueprints.


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