COD Patch: nerf for Sliding and Milano 821 on Black Ops


COLD WAR Patch – During the night the Activision developers presented two new and important patches for as many versions of Call of Duty: we have in fact seen an important update for the Mobile version (click here to view the details), and also one for the Cold War Beta Crossplay, active from yesterday for players of all platforms…

In fact, in the new version of Black Ops, as already mentioned a few days ago, a decisive nerf to the sliding mechanics has been finally implemented, the famous “sliding” that many players abuse that has now been significantly reduced in speed especially when our weapon we enclose the Duster Stock attachment.

As for weapons, with this patch on Cold War, we have witnessed an important nerf for the Milano 821, of which the damage has been decreased, and a slight buff for the AK-47 which instead sees its recoil slightly decreased. A similar intervention also for the Type 63 while for the famous M16 the developers have decided to increase the time interval between bursts of shots, which pass from .216s to .233s.

Among the other innovations reported by the developers, we report the fact that from this moment on, cross-platform progressions and two new maps, called Alpine and Ruka, will be active.