Dean Ayala: “Which expansion would you like to see in Hearthstone”?


Special Expansion – Hearthstone team dev August Dean Ayala recently asked the community a vital question, hoping to gather feedback to decide which path to take in the future.

Through a post on Twitter, the Blizzard designer explained that in the next two weeks a delicate phase of brainstorming within the team will begin, useful for deciding what the theme of the next expansion will be (obviously we are talking about a content coming out in 2021 seen that the one arriving in December – and perhaps also the first one next year – is almost definitively ready).

In particular, and without too many words, the dev wanted to ask the community what would be the favorite theme of the vast majority of players, so as to bring this feedback to Blizzard and, perhaps, satisfy the cravings of the Hearthstone people with respect to the chosen theme. for expansion.

Among the responses of the post, one of the most frequent was certainly ” Ulduar “, a famous raid active during Wrath of the Lich King which returns as the protagonist on our pages at least once a year (and always in articles like this, where we speculate on potential future content coming to Hearthstone).

Regarding Ulduar, it was Dean Ayala himself who acknowledged that this raid has been waiting for its expansion on Hearthstone for the past 6 years … something that will therefore surely be realized (sooner or later), and that maybe it could see the light just next year.


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