Fortnitemares: flying brooms coming into battle


Fortnitemares – Thanks to the brand new leaks, a new and important novelty has been discovered regarding the Fortnite battle royale.

With the upcoming Halloween event Fortnitemares, it seems that a new way will be added to quickly move from one point to another on the map. As reported by Hypex, in fact, with the last update the files ” Broom Box ” and ” Wbroom ” were added to the game, the first should be a real loot box, while the second is a consumable (which will presumably be obtainable precisely through the loot box).

The Wbroom could therefore be a real flying broom, and being consumable it is likely that it will have a limited duration unlike, for example, the hoverboard which instead, as known, had no limitations.

This leak finds further strength in the fact that another data miner, FNBRUnreleased, has instead found a new emote among the game files that shows our character flying on a witch’s broom, with also a magical pumpkin flying around the pg … here is the detail: