Hearthstone: deck with excellent placings in this update


Hearthstone update- Today a new update with some lists that have achieved excellent placings at the Legend, but already from the names of their “users” we could not expect better. Let’s see together what these lists are and if they can upset the current meta a bit.

Let’s start from two lists of the dear old Rogue: the first deck is of the very strong DeadDraw which brings to the fore a deck of Tempo Rogue bringing it to rank 7 of the Legend, while Scarlet_HS shows us a Secret Miracle Rogue. Reappears in a meta list of Survival Druid who even looks out on the podium of the maximum rank Hearthstone.

Good news for the Shaman too: a Quest Shaman, assembled by Fast44, managed to break down the Top 100 wall, while a list of Galakrond Priest is revisited in the Top 10 of the Legend. Our update closes with an increasingly solid list of Tempo Cyclone Mage.