Hearthstone: what are the next chapters of the Book of Heroes?


Hearthstone Book of Heroes – By now the various chapters of the Book of Heroes is thrilling many, especially for the history of the various Hearthstone characters that are not known to everyone, especially for those not used to World of Warcraft. After the release of the chapter on Rexxar, what are the others?

But, sadly, we don’t know a great deal about content not yet out, except that each Hearthstone hero will have their own chapter in the Book and presumably a dedicated skin. But thanks to an Out of Cards article, perhaps, we have some more details to analyze.

With the release of patch 18.0, almost 2 and a half months ago, some special skins of some Hearthstone heroes had been leaked. In hindsight, and a few patches later, we know that some of these have actually already revealed themselves. The skins were:

  • Hunter  – Warsong Rexxar
  • Mage  – Scholar Jaina
  • Paladin  – Second War Uther
  • Paladin  – Horseman Uther
  • Warrior  – Nagrand Garrosh
  • Warrior  – Annhylde

As we can see, Warsong Rexxar, Scholar Jaina, and Horseman Uther are actually skins released recently and we can consider the others as skins that will be released soon.

Nagrand Garrosh and Second War Uther could therefore be the next protagonists of the chapters dedicated to the Warrior and the Paladin of the Book of Heroes; while Annhylde is a Val’kyr the world of Warcraft that might be used as the skin in the next expansion or an annual event future.

After these two chapters, and therefore presumably not before 2021, it will then be the turn of the remaining six heroes even if we do not know the precise order:

  1. Malfurion – Druid0
  2. Anduin – Priest
  3. Valeera – Thief
  4. Golden – Sorcerer
  5. Thrall – Shaman
  6. Illidan  – Demon Hunter