Monuments of Power: what are the new decks to try on LOR?


Monuments of Power Decks – Welcome to this first update dedicated to lists seen in action with the new Monuments of Power expansion.

As many of you know about Legends of Runeterra, a new expansion has recently been published that has introduced the beauty of 40 new cards. Each of these has been tried over the last few days, and obviously, some have managed to find some kind of space within the competition while others are still awaiting their official “first call”.

The undisputed protagonists of this first round are the champions Soraka and Tahm Kench, certainly the two we have seen most in action in the lists used in streaming by the professionals … well also Shyvana, which is played by Glop and NickMakesPlay in at least three lists oriented on dragons, and the new monuments cards, which instead find space in various lists played by players of the caliber of Alanzq and Hyped.