Nickmercs unveils its “overpowered” loadout for the JAK-12


Famous Call of Duty streamer Nick ‘ NICKMERCS ‘ Kolcheff recently unveiled a new loadout for the JAK-12 weapon, one of Activision’s latest additions to its popular shooter.

Regarding the Jak-12 we have already presented a loadout about two days ago, even if the one we are going to report here is decidedly different and, perhaps, even more, competitive than the previous one. Its creator, Nickmercs, is so convinced of the effectiveness of this setup that he admitted that this is a truly Overpowered loadout, pushing the weapon towards absolutely thrilling and very, very solid performance.

The equipment made by Nick aims to reinforce the close-range damage of the JAK-12, this is in fact a completely different configuration than the loadout we saw earlier, which was instead entirely focused on maximizing the gun’s ranged capabilities.

To increase the aggressiveness of the weapon Nickmercs has therefore opted for the 8-R Dragon’s Breath rounds, useful for melting any armor in seconds. Precisely with respect to these incendiary bullets, Nickmercs has therefore decided to insert the Choke and the ZLR J-3600 TORRENT barrel which decrease the spread of the shots also going to increase the damage at a distance of the JAK-12, allowing you to start firing lethal shots much earlier of most builds focusing on close range.

A-Tac Laser was then added to significantly increase the ADS speed of the weapon, while to reduce the recoil (and at the same time further increase the ADS of the Jak-12) Nickmercs chose the trusted and proven Merc Foregrip, one of the most frequent within Warzone.

Loadout Jak-12