Rewards (for everyone) and new features coming with the Hearthstone Fall Presentation


Twitch Drop Rewards – Hearthstone developers recently announced a new special event that will affect the entire Hearthstone community.

On October 22nd, in fact, the Autumn Presentation of Hearthstone on YouTube will be held, during which the game director Benjamin Lee, and the designers Pat NagleJohn McIntyre and John Yang, accompanied by the guest of honor Brian Kibler, there they will tell all the main news coming to the Locanda.

The appointment is doubly unmissable, also because by following it live we will have the chance to win two packets of the Scholomance Academy expansion, simply by connecting our account to that of Twitch (these are real Twitch Drops ).

The trailer

In addition to the next expansion, that the appointment of 22 October does not hide some interesting news on the chapters of the Book of Heroes dedicated to the Warrior and the Paladin?
We just have to wait, and find out what they have in mind for us this time in Blizzard.