The second part of the “London Calling” comic released


The official Overwatch website has just released the second part of London Calling,  the comic dedicated to former Overwatch agent Lena Oxton ( Tracer ).

The debut of this narrative cycle began with the Tracer Comic challenge in September, with the promise from Blizzard to show individual episodes monthly in collaboration with Dark Horse Comics. In this article, we are going to do a brief analysis of Overwatch lore and Tracer’s adventures in London.

A temporal definition

The second volume of London Calling is an excellent point of reference for understanding the chronological order of the various Overwatch notions. In fact, we see a summary of Tracer‘s life, between his adolescence made of punk and motorcycle concerts, up to the video of the Origins. The (canonical) video was broadcast during BlizzCon 2014 and tells the origin of the pilot’s temporal crisis.

London Calling’s “present” fits in before Winston’s call, with a London divided between humans and omnics who hate each other. Maybe a little wink from Blizzard on the issue of racism or ethnic rejection? We cannot help but notice the presence of the “ underworld ” ( slums in the Italian translation), the secret base of the omnics as well as the final destination of the hybrid map.

According to the comic, this omnic society holed up underground is the result of old failed social integration projects. But gamers are not entirely foreign to this notion: Turing Green was the project sent upstream by Sector Zero in the Rivolta archives.

There is also Tekhartha Mondatta, founder of the omnic cult of the Shimbali, based in the Nepal control map. He supports Tracer’s intentions, recalling the help he got from Overwatch 7 years ago and hoping for a better future. The comic’s epilogue traces the events of the short film Viva, this time from Tracer’s point of view. The narrative addition is the omnic Iggy, who at the end (misunderstanding) begins to doubt her new human friend. The consequences of Mondatta’s death will be a further tightening of relations between humans and omnic.

We are curious to know if the next parts of this comic will provide further chronological notions. But in the meantime, we now know that in the Mondata assassination Winston has not yet initiated his call to the Overwatch agents. We are still open to the idea that the ending of this monthly narrative cycle will not only clarify the fate of Lena Oxton but perhaps it will be the occasion for an announcement on Overwatch 2. We will stay tuned for more information.