Valorant: Sinatraa eye injury


A bad misfortune that happened during the week to the star of the Sentinel (and MVP 2019 of the Overwatch League ) Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Jon, who was almost completely blind for several hours due to an injury.

It all happened while Sinatra was in the gym, during a normal training session. While using regular exercise equipment, one of the resistance bands literally shot towards his left eye, hitting him full-on and forcing the player to immediately head to the hospital, where he received appropriate treatment.

Fortunately, the problem seems to have returned immediately, with the player who, despite being stressed and tried for what happened, after about 3 hours from the accident he began to see regularly from his eye, with a nice sigh of relief from family and colleagues. worried about what happened.

Shortly after, it was Sinatraa himself, through a Twitter post, who described the problem that hit him, announcing that he would be away from streaming for at least a week or two.

We can only follow the already numerous messages of Greetings for a speedy recovery sent to the star by many realities and many professionals, including his former team, the San Francisco Shock ( recent winners of the second world title of the OWL ), who on Twitter published one state in which he wishes Sinatraa to recover soon and be back in action.