Valorant, Third Act: upcoming rewards, battlepass and general info


Through a new post on Twitter, the developers of Riot have unveiled most of the rewards coming with the battle pass of the third act of Valorant.

This new and important chapter in the history of Riot’s shooter costs the same as its predecessors, and therefore to be able to take the premium road it will be enough to spend 1,000 Valorant Points. As a reward for completing the BattlePass, we will get the new model of the Jade line, which features the weapons with a strong emerald green color accompanied by gold finishes.

The Battle Pass will be different than its predecessors due to the fact that it will certainly be easier to finish, Riot has in fact responded to the numerous feedbacks of the past relating to the too much difficulty required by decreasing the stress of the players, making the challenges less complex and increasing the time available.

This also explains why there were no bonuses to the experience, now completely useless given the general nerf at the difficulty level:


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