Vectus Burn Mage and Reno Face Shaman among the “OFF-META” of the update


Burn Mage – Welcome to this new special dedicated to the latest news seen in action in both Standard and Wild formats of the Hearthstone Legend.

As the title suggests, today the big protagonists are the OFF-Meta lists (and therefore the less common and less popular ones) both in the wild format and in the Standard format, obviously without forgetting the non-Off-Meta lists, which as always will come. added to the others present below.

Starting right from the Wild, we see the proposals (in some cases really bizarre, but always absolutely usable in the meta) relating to the Reno Face Shaman or the Reno Demon Hunter, two decks proposed by the players MartianBuu and Knoeklapper, or even the Secret Paladin (very little expensive for a wild midrange deck) chosen by Photon instead.

As for the Standard format, we absolutely suggest the Vectus Burn Mage that pushed the player BOC4LIFE up to # 143 Legend and the Dragon Priest that pushed the player MrLovaLova to the absolute top of the legend.

Among others, we see the Highlander Priest who pushed the famous PaperNinja up to # 17 legend, or the Bomb Warrior who pushed Nalguidan to win 17 of the 23 games played from rank 7 to rank 1 of the highest competitive level.