Warzone, an atomic explosion, perhaps, for the transition from MW to Black Ops


These days more and more users are wondering how the passage of the battle royale Warzone should take place from Modern Warfare, the Call of Duty title in which the BR mode was born, to the new Black Ops Cold War … coming now in a few days on the server live.

The well-known dataminer TheGamingRevolution recently spoke about this, citing some files he found among all those in the game and spoke in a very general way about an event called “Rebirth”.

According to reports, in fact, this event should sanction the moment of the passage of Warzone between Modern Warfare and the new Cold War (and therefore of the change of the map) through a nuclear explosion that would raze the current Verdansk to the ground.

This theory obviously finds strength in the presence of the atomic warheads found in Verdansk some time ago, and its very name seems to suggest an ending of this type.
Always TheGamingRevolution then also speculated about the fact that Alcatraz ( which we had already spoken about in a previous update ) will be presented with its Soviet version, which will be called ” Rebirth Island “, this then linked to the event coming in the next days.

The post on Warzone Black Ops

It is clear that something very big is on the horizon for Warzone, and there is nothing left to do but wait to hear about new and more interesting news regarding this event.