Worlds 2020: Damwon Gaming advance to the semifinals


The quarter-finals of the 2020 Worlds have officially begun today. In the first match, Damwon Gaming and  DRX took the field in an all-Korean derby. In the end, as already happened in the LCK final, it was  Nuguri and his teammates who won their opponents with a sharp 3-0. In every game of the series, there has never been a match, with  DragonX never managing to handle the situation, not even with their “exotic” picks.

The Damwons are the first semifinalists of the 2020 Worlds

Motodicity and mechanical superiority

By now we have learned about the compactness of the  Damwons, who find their greatest strength in their methodical and precise game. In addition, the players who are part of this team have demonstrated a mechanical skill that is clearly superior to all the opponents crossed so far in the  Worlds 2020. Already during the LCK summer split, we understood how scary this team was, but during the tournament, they improved even more. They never left the least room for maneuver for the  DRXs, who was unable to handle the situation even in moments of clear monetary advantage.

What impresses  Damwon Gaming is the ability to regain the advantage even when everything goes downhill. They never hesitate, these players just look like robots without the slightest emotion. It is now clear that this team is among the favorites for the final victory, even if from here on their path will not be easy.

The errors of the DRX

Let’s start with an important assumption:  DragonX is not a bad team, but they have done many things wrong. Starting from the draft phase, during which they relegated  Chovy to a marginal role compared to the rest of the composition. This guy was supposed to be the brightest star in the Korean team’s firmament, but he didn’t. Not even  Vel’Koz, the team’s secret pick, was able to revive the fate of these guys, who gave up on defeat.