Worlds 2020: the Suning remove the pass for the semifinal


The second quarter-final of the  2020 Worlds gave the first upset of the competition. The very young and very talented  Suning have destroyed  JD Gaming, overturning the result obtained during the LPL playoffs. The defeat was painful for the runners-up of the Chinese league, who never really entered the game (except in the first game). Bin and his companions confirm their disarming growth after the group stage, and now they could become one of the candidates for the final victory.

Revenge is a dish that should be served cold

Looking only at what happened in the LPL playoffs, many were already prepared for a defeat of the young  Suning. The third Chinese seed, on the other hand, confirmed the growth seen during the group stage and destroyed all the plans of  JD Gaming. In this Chinese derby, which ended 3-1, there was never any real hope for the  JDG. The  Suning have adapted very well to the opposing strategies, completely overturning them. Note the great performance of  Huanfeng with  Jhin, who was able to lead his team to victory almost in solitude.

Now the  Suning is really scary, and even the other teams left in the race must understand the true strength of these guys. Anyone who faces them ( Top Esports or  Fnatic ) will have enormous difficulties because by now the team has become aware of their means.

JD Gaming greet the Worlds 2020

It is never easy to get to a world championship with a favorite label on your back. JD Gaming knows this well and, after having experienced great difficulties in the group stage, they needed to find some confidence in themselves. Unfortunately, something went wrong, and the players literally exploded after the first defeat suffered. It’s a big wasted opportunity for the  SDGs, who has never shown the explosive level of play seen during the regular LPL season. They go home, but they will certainly prepare for next year.