WoW, new hotfixes online: mechagnomes and barber among the affected contents


WoW, Barber – A massive new hotfix patch has just been released by the developers of World of Warcraft.

In fact, between 14 and 15 October, the Blizzard devs showed a full list of interventions that served to solve as many problems and bugs caused by the new contents of the Shadowlands pre-patch.

Let’s start talking about the fact that now the Mechagnomes will be unlockable without the need to reach the Exalted with the Rustbelt Resistance; in addition to this, all the problems that in the last few hours have characterized the changes applied to our characters by the barber have also been solved, which often “reset” themselves when logging in again or when entering combat.

Precisely with regard to the barbershop, in recent days we have seen the first experiments made by members of the community regarding the personalization of the character, with results that in some situations were truly incredible and, often, even “embarrassing”.