Fortnite: where to find Marvel bosses on the map


Fortnite Boss- This new Season of Fortnite brought many innovations and lots of additional content, and the biggest change of all was the collaboration with Marvel. In past times there have already been such collaborations, but never to the point of filling an entire Battle Pass or the map with the most iconic figures of the House of Ideas.

Starting from this, we want to give you a hand in identifying some Marvel-themed Bosses that have filled the Fortnite game map.

Doctor Doom (Doom)

The first, in order of appearance on the island of Fortnite, was Doctor Doom who, with his gloves, is capable of launching energy balls and a mega ultra-destructive sphere. The Boss is on the Domain of Doom, or the old Park Pacific now home not only his castle but a whole host of henchmen who will hunt us as soon as we avvisteranno.

Iron Man

The second great Boss is one of the most famous and iconic heroes of the entire Marvel franchise: Iron Man. Established at Stark Industries and protected by a whole host of Stark RobotsIron Man, in the main POI building, awaits with his entire arsenal of technological weapons, including laser-firing gloves and a destructive beam from his Arc Reactor.


Another Boss that is not part of Marvel‘s heroes and antiheroes roaster is the Glutton, a large drone in the service of Galactus that will randomly spawn on the Fortnite map. To find it just follow a huge cone of red light in the sky, a bit ‘as the signal Quinjet of Tony Stark. The Greedy will be a tough opponent and at his service, there will be small drones, the Collectors, which will not make our life easier.


The latest Boss, in order of appearance, is the most famous mutant of the X-MenWolverine. We will find the adamantium hero around Frignante Forest without a precise spawn point. Once killed, we could take possession of its fearsome adamantine claws.