Kim Kardashian is his “Muse”


The French designer Thierry Mugler (71) has actually been dealing with several Stars with each other. Both David Bowie (1947-2016), George Michael (1963-2016) as well as Lady Gaga (34) lined Mugler currently. But, most of all, a celeb has, the 71-Year- old satisfied: Kim Kardashian (39). “Kim is my Muse,” he describes in an Interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper”.

Thierry Mugler likewise created the renowned “Wet Look” Kim Kardashian used to the Met Gala in2019 “Twenty years ago it was clear to me that their shapes will be like an ancient goddess made a Comeback,” claims Mugler much more. Kim had the physique a best instance. “She represents the future, the very feminine woman of the future.” Kim was not according to the Designer, nonetheless,”only a total sexpot – and not afraid to show it” She was likewise a really smart female. “She’s also going to be a lawyer,” the 71-Year- old.

Kim Kardashian is not political views bias-free. “I mean, the Jura, the students are usually very concerned to your Look. But Kim separates these two things.” If you make a decision for the red carpeting, after that you do it right. “This is very strong.”

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