LOL, changes to mythic items in the PBE: here are the official comments from the devs


Mythical Objects – The developers of League of Legends have recently returned to talk about the future of LOL through a specific post published on the official website.

This time the devs wanted to talk to us about mythic items, the fact that a new one will be added soon, and that all support items will receive a profound change.

To talk about it was the chief designer of the Gameplay Mark Scruffy Yetter, who on the matter also added several interesting information on this new object (even if the name, Imperial Mandate, is temporary) and on the balances that have been chosen for the pre-patch.

Here are all the details:

Pre-season PBE change list

There is a ton of information and updates coming to PBE and I wanted to take a few minutes to make a list of the most important ones. This is not a complete list of all the tweaks and bug fixes, just a summary of the major changes.

    • Support mythical items
      • We’ve made significant changes to Mythic Support Items to make them more useful to spellcasters
      • We’ve added  a new mythic item  to create a more offensive alternative for spellcasters
      • Imperial mandate  (temporary name)
        • Ally Flurry
        • 2700 gold
        • +40 ability power
        • +200 health
        • 25 skill speed
        • + 100% base mana regen
        • Coordinated Fire: Abilities that slow or freeze a champion deal 60-100 bonus magic damage and mark them for 4 seconds. Damage from allied champions detonates the mark, dealing 60-100 bonus magic damage and granting both 30% movement speed for 2 seconds (6-second cooldown per enemy champion)
        • Passive Mythic:  Grants all other legendary items 15 ability power
      • We’ve changed the revamped Moonstone stats   to include ability power and health
      • Shurelya’s Dream and Locket of the Iron Solari have mostly remained the same so tanks and support spellcasters can use them
    • Adjustments
      • Significant Nerf at Eclipse – Fixed a bug that allowed him to deal damage twice. Damage 16 >>> 10% of the enemy’s maximum health
      • Twilight Blade – Fixed a bug that allowed him to deal damage twice
      • Immortal Arch Shield Mythic Passive Changed from Attack Damage Resistances and Health Points. The synergy between resistances and life steal risked entering the territory of the “carry tank” and we decided to switch to health points to maintain survival from the gusts without making them too resistant
      • Mikael’s Crucible stat distribution has been changed, removing health points and adding magic resist. We wanted to offer a clearer option for champions to support against teams with a lot of crowd control and magic damage
      • Jungle Items – Magic Life Steal 10 >> 8%; removed the burn effect that executed targets. The burn effect was not creating the gameplay we wanted, which is to make the fields faster, and we decided to remove it
    • Tank Mythic Items  – We are trying to hone the resistances of these items, but we haven’t decided yet whether to completely remove magic resist or armor from some of them. We’ve seen the development of clearer counter-moves to compositions that rely entirely on physical attack or ability power, but we’re still weighing the risk of limiting choices too much. If possible, we would like to prevent tank mythic items from ending up not being chosen because their stats are not effective against damage types dealt by the enemy team.
    • The on-hit damage of Guinsoo’s Fury and “melee daggers” have been changed from magical to physical to keep armor choice as the correct strategy
    • Ability Power Fighters and Assassin Items – Added ability power boost to Hextech Rocket Belt and Night Reaper’s unique abilities to increase similarly to mythic items from other classes
    • Icon animations of mythical objects!  We wanted the mythic items to be visually distinguishable by consulting the store and to show their higher power level. Not all animations are complete, but we’ve added quite a few over the past week
    • Added over  60 new and updated icons to the  store
    • Bug Fixes  – In total, we fixed over 100 bugs in the first two weeks of the PBE
    • Many item effects are now as unique as they should be, so they can’t be stacked (I’m looking at you, Navori Swiftblade).

The functionality of the store

  • Stat Filters  – Allows you to filter the current page of all items based on stats such as Ability Power, Skill Speed ​​, and many more
  • Quick Access Inventory  – A new Quick Access section is coming soon for you to sell and select items in your inventory faster. Currently, we’ve placed it underneath the consumable item panels and boots to make it another always accessible tool
  • “Effective Against” recommendations  will come when we set them to indicate which champion of the enemy team a particular item would be strong against
  • Item Sets  – We are making steady progress to launch item sets and they should be ready shortly