Standard Videoguide: The Rock by Simone “Akira” Trimarchi


Welcome to this new video guide to standard decks by Simone Akira Trimarchi!

Today’s deck is a new archetype, built by Akira himself after taking a cue from a list of Demian86: we’re talking about BG Rock, the midrange deck par excellence!

Like any midrange black-green deck, the list includes creatures with a cost-to-mana ratio, effective removal, and cards that create a huge advantage.


Chevill, Bane of Monsters: The centerpiece of the deck, Akira started out of her love for this card and built the whole deck around it. Cavill’s power level has always been clear to everyone but until now he has struggled to find his place within the meta standard. In this deck full of removal, though, it’s a continuous draw and lifecycle engine, as well as being a major blocker with its 3 toughness and death touch.

Garruk, Cursed Huntsman: this adorable planeswalker helps the deck to create a race of creatures thanks to the wolves that, potentially, he puts on the field every turn and thanks to his latest ability allows us to put an end to the match in almost all cases.

Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate: the fantastic friend of nature in this deck shows the best of herself. It creates card advantage by letting us always know what awaits us at the top of the deck, it allows us to create a piece on the board with its ability or to put a creature directly from the deck to the battlefield and if needed it is able to let us find the piece we need thanks to its -2.

Liliana, Waker of the Dead: This version of Liliana does everything this deck dreams of doing, discarding and creating card advantage, removing and finally allowing us to put a threat onto the battlefield every turn. If we think it only costs four mana, what more could we ask for?

Elder Gargaroth: our beast par excellence could not fail to be included in this deck. It closes us, it allows us to create pressure on the board or to fish or to regain some life points. If he blocks or attacks for our opponent they are enormous pains.

Scavenging Ooze: Another star of the deck and one that cannot be ignored in this meta. Very strong against RB Kroxa, despite the numerous removals, she is strong against UB Rogue and is very useful against MonoRed thanks to the many lives she manages to give us.


The idea of ​​the deck is to manage the game in the early rounds, thanks to the removals and our low-cost mana pieces so that we can arrive in the mid-late game where our multiple threats can safely close the game.

According to Akira, this deck is not the best choice for the ladder given its high level of difficulty in being played well but having good MU against most decks in the meta might be the best choice for playing a big event. Akira himself will continue to test and update this archetype in order to bring the best possible version to the Mythic Qualifier.

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