The Broom Paladin is the best Hearthstone deck for winrate


In this new update, we want to focus on the list of the Paladin who more than any other is allowing Uther to soar at the top of the Legend.

We are obviously talking about the Broom Paladin, a version that, while not enjoying good popularity among Hearthstone players, was able to close in the first place the recent update ” Top Deck To Climb ” of HS Replay, in which we see the 5 best lists of the moment for winrate.

In the first place, the Broom with 58.4% of win rate, a very solid deck especially when used against the Priests or against the Highlander version of the Mage, while behind (to be honest they are tied for victory percentages) we find Face Hunter and more detached the Highlander Hunter, the Pure Paladin and the Soul Demon Hunter who closed with 55% win rate.