Warzone (but also Beta of Cold War): hackers are back


A real “invasion” of hackers that described by several known streamers of the Call of Duty scene.

In fact, in recent weeks it seems that there has been a massive increase in the number of hackers (or cheaters, if you prefer) active in the competitive Call of Duty, and absolutely not easy situation (also because the hacking problem has never been eradicated. altogether) which is testing the patience of many players.

The problem seems to be due to the return to activity of one of the most famous tricks distributing sites in the scene, which according to what was also reported by professional players of the caliber of Joe ” MerK ” DeLuca is again active and reachable (for obvious reasons not we will share the link and the name in this article). 

It is certainly worrying that the waves of hackers on a game like COD are (also) determined by the fact that a hacked site is active or not … the hope is in fact to get to the point that the game always recognizes, and eliminates, the cheating players, regardless of how easy it is for them to find forbidden programs.

Unfortunately, however, the situation seems to be even more problematic … the invasion of hackers is not in fact something that concerns only Modern Warfare since recently some cheaters have also been intercepted in the Cold War beta.

Much to the regret of the writer, we find ourselves in 2020 to comment on the fact that there are people who cheat even on a beta of a game not yet released. Not being a cybersecurity expert, I can’t know how easy or difficult it is to be able to produce cheats for a game in Beta, but for not being able to ” read or write ” I think it is at least worrying that hackers are able to find bread for their teeth in a trial version.

The number of players complaining about the situation has grown a lot in recent days, and indeed Activision has tried to “respond” to these attacks but it does not seem that the effort has produced the desired results.

We look forward to understanding how the situation will evolve, with the hope that Acti will find a way to stem the presence of these (you‘ll grant me ) losers in our beloved Call of Duty … before the serious and healthy players of the title lose their patience.