World of Warcraft Hotfix and Balancing Announced: Details


World of Warcraft – The third round of the Shadowlands pre-patch hotfix begins, with the Blizzard developers implementing many interventions for the classes and various other game content.

The devs have for example fixed a large number of problems recorded by the barber, including the fact that Worgen players were unable to save changes for their human forms and a bug that did not allow the correct display of the color of skins and Night Elf hair.

As anticipated in the introduction, the number of interventions to solve problems and malfunctions to the classes was also noteworthy, many of which were afflicting the characters of the Wizard class (in general and for its Arcane spec ) and Warrior. For the last mentioned, an issue has been fixed which was causing a malfunction in applying the Punish debuff

Let’s see all the details, also reporting all the interventions applied with the second round of hotfixes (which we had published yesterday, but here you will find them completely in Italian).

Still, regarding the Shadowlands pre-patch, we remind all our readers that a few days ago the musical theme of the new expansion, ” Through the Roof of the World ” was shared, which will take you on a sonic journey through Azeroth and beyond. veil.

Here is the video of the theme, curated by Music Director Derek Duke and composed by Glenn Stafford, Neal Acree, David Arkenstone, Grant Kirkhope, Jake Lefkowitz, with the classic pieces of World of Warcraft by Jason Hayes.