Worlds 2020: TES beat Fnatic and go to the semifinals


Europe’s first match in the quarter-finals of the  2020 Worlds did not smile at our region. The Fnatic, after two solid victories, gave way to the  TES who took the victory home. Rekkles and teammates gave everything they had, but after the first defeat, they broke mentally. In the draft stages, too many comfort picks were granted to the Chinese, especially  Karsa became the carry of the  Top Esports.

TES advance to the 2020 Worlds semi-finals


The  Top Esports approached this challenge with all the favors of the odds, while the  Fnatic were totally underdogs. Despite this, the European team was able to easily win the first two games, challenging the Chinese on their favorite terrain: team fight. The Chinese, after two consecutive defeats, have reset their mindset, putting up a total resistance on every front. Kars  and  Jackeylove were the true carriers of the LPL champion team, taking back their leading role after two less than perfect games. What really surprised was their ability to adapt and insinuate themselves into the cracks of the opponents, exploiting the weaknesses of a Nemesis that turned off the brain from the third game onwards.

Wasted opportunity

As previously mentioned,  Fnatic was certainly not the favorites in this match-up. Winning the first two games had to give the boys an extra mental boost, but they didn’t realize the advantage in game 3. In fact, during this game, the draft was really criminal and gave the  TES a comeback that didn’t have to exist. Perhaps this is the only point that we can really discuss because Fnatic has tried with all their weapons and they were succeeding.

This sonorous lesson suffered by  Top Esports will have to be a springboard for next year and will make us reflect on the possible roster movements during the off-season period. It is clear that  Nemesis is not mature enough to bear the brunt of the best and, perhaps, the sword of Damocles will strike him. If  Mithy and his boys had had more courage in game 3, the results would be different. Now the fate of Europe remains in the hands of  G2 Esports, who will have to face Korea to reach the final.