Agreement reached between Tyler and T1


The famous League of Legends streamer Tyler Steinkamp has officially signed a contract with the T1 team, in which he will appear as content creator from today.

The American Class 1995 (strong of more than 3.5 million of Followers of Twitch ) is then in one of the most famous in the world sportive organizations (probably the best known) and goes to join the streamer team T1 which is already the Korean player Lee Wolf Jae-wan and T1 Lim Boxer co-founder Yo-hwan.

Here is the nice post of the official announcement, loaded with references to films like The Matrix or The Avengers, published by T1 on Twitter :

T1’s post on Tyler

We recall that already last year we witnessed a particular rapprochement between Tyler and what was then still the SKT team, with the Demon King Faker team who sent the streamer some figures portraying the number 1 player of the team and the well-known American streamer. … Today, a year and a half after that event, Tyler officially marries in the organization chaired by Joe Marsh and John Kim (of which, we recall, Faker himself is co-owner and shareholder ).

We hope that this entry can help raise the morale of the team which, we recall, about a month ago saw a sensational qualification for the 2020 World Cup slip away to the great amazement of the world audience.