Apex Legends, R-99 and R301 the best weapons in the game. Bad Mozambique


The Youtuber Davengeful recently proposed an interesting list in which all the TTK values of the Apex Legends weapons were reported.

For TTK we mean “ Time to kill “, that is the time it takes a certain weapon to kill an opposing character from the moment it fires. The reasoning is therefore very simple: the lower this value, the less time it will take that given weapon to leave an enemy on the ground … the higher the value, the more that weapon will be considered “slow”.

The test was done entirely on dummies, with the player who wanted to test the weapons in the basic versions so as to be able to know the original damage, without any kind of “buff”.

we have both the TTK hitting an enemy in the head, and the one related to the blows to the body which by its very nature will always be slower than the TTK of the “headshots”.
Starting with the worst weapon, Mozambique is certainly one of those to be avoided with great attention. This shotgun takes just over a second to take down an enemy by hitting him in the head, but almost 5 for an opponent hit only in the body.

This figure is incredibly high, just think that at the same time in which a Mozambique kills an enemy, technically (and potentially), the R-99 or the R-301 manage to shoot down almost 4 opponents.
These two are certainly the best shotguns of the moment in terms of TTK figures.

The two SMG Prowler and Volt also did well, while for obvious reasons it is not advisable to observe the data relating to sniper rifles together with those of all other weapons, as their TTKs are “distorted” by the fact that they are absolutely different weapons, both in there I use that in killing the enemy, compared to the other automatic and semi-auto weapons present on Apex Legends.