Exclusive content for Overwatch League and Contenders


Have you encountered any problems collecting Overwatch League Grand Finals rewards and are confused about the free Genji Overwatch Contenders skin? Don’t worry, if you are an avid collector of exclusive content, this article serves to shed some light on what is happening.

Overwatch’s esports agenda has been particularly busy this week, but it seems that all of this is not limited to the victory of the San Francisco Shock of the Overwatch League 2020. Several incentives from Blizzard to engage more audiences in their channels streaming, but for the first time, we see new features to increase the interest of the Tier 2 esports scene, the Overwatch Contenders.

Redemption of Grand Finals prizes

If you participated in the Overwatch League Grand Finals on October 10, you will know that several prizes were up for grabs for viewing:

  • 1-hour viewing: Mosaic Tracer spray ;
  • 2-hour viewing: Tracer Overwatch League Gray and Away skin ;
  • Each hour of viewing: 5 League tokens ;

Prizes were redeemable only by viewing the competition via the Overwatch League browser site and app by logging into your Battle.net account. Still, many have been users who have failed to correctly view their rewards on EU and Asian servers. The community immediately had troubleshooting from support:

  • In the case of console platforms, many users have solved by simply logging out and logging in from their Battle.net account ;
  • In the case of PC users, it is advisable to change the password to access their Battle.net account ;

If you have also had the same kind of problems, these have been the most popular solutions. As for the League tokens, to our great surprise, even the Italians were able to redeem them (albeit few) at the Grand Finals. We hope this is not a single exception to the rule, but a start for us Italians to collect League tokens from next year.

New content for the Overwatch Contenders

Anyone who has joined Overwatch since October 15 has found a model of Genji Overwatch Contenders as a gift.

According to the official page, you need to connect to the official website of the Overwatch Contenders and view the streams of the competition. This allows for a pair of different Contenders models each monthSymmetra (after 8 hours of streaming) and Mercy (after 15 hours of streaming) are available for October 2020.

At the end of the month, a new pair of Contenders heroes will be available and another streaming session of several hours will be required to obtain them. The time slots of the competition are marked through the calendar of the site itself. This is an incentive to give greater visibility to Overwatch’s esports tier 2 scene, which usually presents a different and more varied Meta scenario than that of the Overwatch League.

You are now ready to add (or be able to view) Overwatch League and Contenders content in your game gallery. We also remind you that in the coming weeks you can further enrich your gallery with the new, terrifying Halloween skins from Chills 2020!