LEC: Orome and Shadow may be leaving MAD Lions

The LoL market has not yet entered its heart, but the first rumors for the next season of LEC are already starting to circulate. The first to move in this direction could be the  MAD Lions who, after the disappointing performances at the  Worlds 2020, is in the process of making changes. The toplaner  Orome and the jungler  Shadow (both ex Outplayed ) would be about to end their relationship with the Madrid team, even before the end of their contracts.

We all still have in mind the failure of  MAD Lions in the Worlds 2020 play-ins, beaten in a best of 5 by the Turks of  Paparo Supermassive. In that match the toplaner  Armut brought out an amazing performance, impressing several teams in Europe. Apparently, the Turkish would have impressed the leadership of the  MAD, who would have contacted him to replace poor Orome.

The Romanian toplaner, with a past in Italy, has never had super convincing performances over the course of the season and has been pointed out by many as the weakness of the  MAD Lions. The team listened to and accepted these criticisms, intervening to fix it. Still, however, there is nothing official, given that the free agency period will begin in November. These speculations have been spread by the Turkish portals Invade and  Esporin, which give the thing as certain.

Shadow’s world championship was not very positive and showed all the flaws of the Italian jungler. His limited champion pool led him to perform very badly, often the defeat condition of his team. According to what is learned from the rumors circulating on the net, even his role as the owner would be strongly at risk. The leadership of the  MAD Lions would have made contact with the young  Elyoya, jungler under the  Movistar Riders. The rookie got noticed during the EU Masters summer split, and is now ready to take the big leap in  LEC.

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