New patch (and news) on Cold War: for Censor it is the best COD ever


Another new patch has recently been implemented on the open Beta Crossplay of Black Ops Cold War, the highly anticipated new title in the Call of Duty series that will land on PCXbox, and PS4 starting next month.

Among the new contents, we certainly point out the 6Vs6 mode called Control, a challenge in which opposing teams fight to capture or defend two objectives on the map while trying to wipe out the other team before running out of lives. In fact, each team will be represented by six players and they will have “30 lives” (for the whole team) to manage during the match.

This model is then ready to be tested, and we will be able to play Control mode from the CartelMiami, and Moscow maps.

The devs have also decided to increase the Level Cap, making the following weapons and items available to players who reach level 40:

In addition to this, the developers then presented a list of changes concerning Fireteam: Dirty Bomb, for which the chances of a player entering a match that has now started have been reduced, and also the drop rates (therefore the possibility of obtaining them) of the War Machine and the Helicopter Attack, both obtainable through Scorestreaks.

Certainly, important changes and additions, which further embellish the already popular Cold War beta. One of the main supporters of this new title is certainly the former pro scene of Call of Duty Doug ‘ Censor ‘ Martin, who recently spared on Twitter and described the new Black Ops as the best of the saga COD.

Words of great appreciation, which however did not prevent Censor from being criticized by some fans. In the past, in fact, Censor was over and over again enthusiastic about Activision titles, even WWII which was instead one of the most criticized by fans among the COD titles of recent years!

It will therefore be necessary to see who was right … if Censor in describing Cold War as the new reference title of the series, or if the users who described him as too naive and excessively enthusiastic will have it … what do you think?