Shadowlands Pre-Patch: Rextroy vs. 10 Horde PCs (with Sea Totem)

Shadowlands ORDA – The famous Rextroy has recently published a new video in which he shows all his skill in using the Death Knight, a character that he recently used in PVP with really surprising results.

Aided by the presence of the Sea Totem, a World PVP object thanks to which Sea Elementals can be summoned to help us in combat for a minute, the good Rextroy managed to sow panic among the enemy ranks, assaulting a group of players of the ‘Horde.

Despite being defeated in at least two different attempts (not before having killed a substantial number of players anyway ), Rextroy finally managed to conquer the battle zone by defeating (and often oneshottando) all the enemies present … a real carnage that took place is consumed in a matter of seconds.

Here is the video of the extraordinary test:

Shadowlands Pre-Patch – PVP Rextroy VS Horde

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