TFT, Nerf coming for the Warwick-Shiv combo


Warwick Divine – Teamfight Tactics developer Mortdog has recently reported that with the next patch a new round of balancing will arrive on the Riot car.

In particular, it seems that with patch 10.21B (which will be released next week, being the “second part” of patch 10.21 released Wednesday, October 14) we will see the nerf of one of the strongest comps ever, with the developers who have decided to listen to the numerous feedback from the community regarding this situation.

With the recent buffs being promoted for the Divine trait and the Shiv, this same trait has quickly jumped from one of the worst and weakest to the arguably lighter and harder to counter. In recent days the games on TFT have been for the most part characterized by the excellent combination unleashed between the champion Warwick and the Divine trait.

Mortdog, however, specified on Twitter that neither he, nor the rest of the development team, think that neither of these two aspects is excessively OP, but that a couple of factors, together, actually unleash more power than Riot wanted: ” Not I believe the new Divine is OP with Warwick. I don’t even think Shiv is that biased on non-Warwick champions. But the combination of the two is clearly problematic “.

We do not know how and why, but it is certain that with the update next week we will see a slight nerf of one or both of these contents so that the situation can quickly rebalance: among these interventions, we could see the damage of the Shiv become damage magic, or more simply to witness a nerf to damage reduction.

Finally, Mortdog explained that they are willing to release frequent “B” patches if that means avoiding players having an unbalanced or frustrating experience within TFT.