Treyarch “trolls” the leakers and dataminers of COD


COD Dataminer – A very nice curiosity that was shared on social media a handful of hours ago about some files present in the Call of Duty code.

As many of you know, for every title (or at least for all those known and played all over the world) there is a host of “leakers” and ” dataminers ” who sift through the game code from start to finish, looking for clues (or actual files) concerning future content not yet added on live servers.

In this way, dataminers (and consequently interested players) discover maps, characters, weapons, and modes in advance… long before publishers communicate their existence through official channels. This partly damages the development houses, which basically see any kind of “surprise” or novelty go up in smoke, “spoiled” ahead of time by the leakers.

This time, however, Treyarch has gone on the counterattack and has prepared specific files for all the dataminers engaged in sifting the code of Call of Duty.

By clicking these mysterious files, however, the dataminers did not discover the configuration of the lootboxes, much less the specific information on the new season, but only the famous version of RickRollD, a clear way to ” trolling “the prying eyes of the leakers, which we do not believe, however, will diminish the desire of the dataminers to find new and as yet unreleased information on future contents.

The files of the “troll” – COD Dataminer