Update Lists of HS – Elemental Quest Mage and Reno Even Warlock from # 1 Legend

The Asian player has in fact finished his most recent competitive game session using a Reno Even Warlock type list, a deck that combines the mechanics of mono-copy decks, typical of the Highlander versions, with the fact that all cards inside have an even mana cost (so 2, 4, etc).

The news was given by the famous Soda who, through his Twitter account, notified the achievement of 1 Legend.

Also from WILD, the good performances recorded by an Odd Spell Damage Mage, by a Highlander Quest Paladin, by an Elemental Quest Mage played instead by Tsubasa_sksk up to rank # 200 of the Chinese Legend and also by a Burgle Rogue played and promoted by player zEerReAk, who with this list managed to touch the Top500 of the Legend rank.

As for the Standard format lists, of which only yesterday we saw the latest update ” Top Deck to Climb “, in this update, we report a version of the Control Priest pushed up to 146 of the Legend, one of the Libram Paladin, and one of the Time Warrior who managed to push Komik up to rank # 2 of the highest game level.

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