Worlds 2020: the G2 fly to the semifinals thanks to a dry 3-0


The  G2 Esports make the world understand that Europe has not arrived at the Worlds in 2020 to act as a sparring partner. The net 3-0 gained against  Gen.G is a test of strength, even if the opponent proved softer than expected. Now it gets really tough for them, as they will have to face the huge  Damwon GamingLCK champions.

Europe and G2 Esports are still in the competition

After the painful defeat suffered yesterday by  Fnatic, all European hopes rested in the hands of the reigning  LEC champions:  G2 EsportsCaps and teammates had (and still have) a heavyweight on their shoulders, and the match against  Gen. G didn’t seem so easy to take home. Despite this, however, the Spanish team has dismantled the Koreans, never able to respond correctly to the constant aggression of their opponents. Moreover, Caps pulled out of the monumental performance with  Twisted Fate and twice with  Sylas. Their level of play and attention was much higher than the group stage, but we still see the classic G2- style smudges. Too many times they have underestimated the opponent, especially during the last phase of the third game. In view of the semi-final, they will have to correct these mistakes because  Damwon Gaming does not forgive.

Korea loses another team

The group stage of  Gen.G had not fully convinced all the insiders, and many were convinced that this team was the most “affordable” of the quarters. Unfortunately, the facts have given reasons for these considerations, also given the level of play expressed. The third-placed  LCK never worried the  G2, who demolished them on every front. Unfortunately,  Gen.Gs has to say goodbye to the competition to return home, leaving Korea with only one representative for the semi-finals (unlike China which has two).