Miley Cyrus: “I was chased by a UFO” – People


Whether this holds true? United States vocalist Miley Cyrus asserts that she was when come across a UFO.

Pop celebrity Miley Cyrus of the medicine choose the Finger: In a discussion with “Interview Magazine” she informed you that she was searched for a long time in San Bernardino from a UFO.

Before that, they took in Cannabis

“I’m pretty sure what I saw,” claims the vocalist. At the very same time you are however that you have actually formerly eatenCannabis “I bought it of a man in the car with his small, in front of a Taco Shop. So, it could be the Cannabis,” she confesses.

“I think it was real”

The UFO was stated to have actually appeared like a “flying snow plow”, the yellow shone. Only looked her in the eyes. Miley sensed you would certainly be gone after by him. “I saw it fly, my friend. As some of the other cars were on the road and you also have to stare down. I believe that what I saw was real”.

The sloping experience have you active for 5 days. “I could no longer look up to the sky. I thought maybe you come back then,” she claims.

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