Beyonce, Rihanna & co. react to the demonstrations in Nigeria


Numerous celebrities utilize their system, to the demonstrations versus cops physical violence in Nigeria suggest.

For a number of weeks, terrible demonstrations versus the cops system “Special Anti-Robbery Squad”, basically, SARS is raving in Nigeria, after a Video was emerged to see in the to be, as authorities fired a boy. The federal government has actually not dissolved the unique system, in the meanwhile, nevertheless, the demonstrations versus cops cruelty were. During presentations in Lagos were shots, yet there are Reports that given that the start of the demonstrations, at the very least 15 fatalities.

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Now, numerous celebs utilize their huge reach to make on the Situation in the West African nation to the focus of: Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and also Beyonc é. The last shared an unusual Statement on your Website and also your Social Media networks: “It is the heart to see the senseless brutality that takes place in Nigeria, breaking me,” exists to check out. “SARS must have an end.” You’ve been functioning to give emergency situation materials, food and also holiday accommodations on website.

Also Rihanna has actually shared beside a picture of a blood-smeared Nigerian flag to make a Statement on your Social Media networks. You can not stand the torment and also cruelty that continues our world, rather than assume it. “It is a betrayal of the citizens, that of all the people who are supposed to protect us, are those in which we have the greatest fear to be murdered!”

Nicki Minaj shared her uniformity with the demonstrators on Twitter: “I support and pray for the brave young people in Nigeria who are in the frontline of this senseless violence. Your heard voices.”

Many various other Stars such as Naomi Campbell, Lizzo, and also Chance the Rapper reveal on your Social Media networks, on the circumstance in Nigeria.

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