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The vocalist shocked with brief hair


Unusual view of the vocalist

Camila Cabello (23, “Havana”) has actually shocked with a picture on Instagram of her Fans with a brand-new Look: For the initial Time in her life, the vocalist at the Hairdresser with a brief hairstyle.

Camila Cabello: “I have lost my short-hair virginity!!”

“I have lost my short-hair virginity!! Throughout my life I had long hair. It was time to feel on these shoulders fresh Wind,” composes Cabello to the image. Fittingly, she’s putting on aware, taken by her sweetheart Shawn Mendes (22), a shoulder-free top and also keep an eye out over your left side in the electronic camera. Your hair in the brand-new Look framework in all-natural Curls, being up to her face.

Camila Cabellos pal Shawn Mendes appears to be the brand-new Look like

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